“Your Child in the Hospital is an invaluable source of information for parents faced with the stress of a child in the hospital. Practical, lucid, comprehensive and beautifully organized.”

– Jonathan Kellerman, PhD
Bestselling author and child psychologist

“Now in its third edition, this acclaimed guidebook has been thoroughly updated by health advocate Keene. Libraries would serve their communities well by having this title available in its newest edition.”

– Library Journal

“This is the book that every parent lost in the crisis of a child medical emergency needs. If you have not been spared serious child injury or illness, you will cry with relief when you read it.”

– Peggy O’Mara
Editor and Publisher of Mothering Magazine from 1980 to 2011

“Hospitalization can bring unique stresses to children and families. Your Child in the Hospital helps parents to prepare their child emotionally.  This is a must read in support of successful outcomes.”

– Joseph F. Hagan, MD
Pediatrician and professor of pediatrics, UVM College of Medicine

“This comprehensive book is a must-have for consumer collections.”

– Medical Library Association
Consumer and Patient Health Information Section

“Author Nancy Keene included a chapter on school and highlighted the needs of siblings. She has placed the idea back in the minds of parents to include school nurses as part of the healthcare team.”

– Deb Ilardi, RN BSN
Clinical Editor, School Nurse News

“This slim volume contains a wealth of information in a clear, easy-to-read format … I highly recommend it for all consumer health collections and for parents of children hospitalized for any length of time.”

– Medical Library Association
Newsletter of the Cancer Librarians Section

Praise for Previous Editions

“This dandy, pocket-sized book is packed with sensible tips for preparing children (and their parents) for outpatient, short-stay, or long-term hospitalization. Sidebars offer real-life suggestions from parents who’ve ‘been there, done that.”

– Library Journal

“When you are packing up the stuffed animals and pajamas to take to the hospital, make sure to take this book with you. Chock full of information about how to deal with testing, finances, siblings and schoolwork, this guide is handy and easy to read.”

– Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Your Child in the Hospital is a practical book of tips and wisdom from veteran parents that will help make any hospital stay easier.”

– Library Journal, Nursing Your Children’s Health Collection

“In a what-to-expect manner, this parent-centered guide offers concrete, useful insights into how hospitals function and how parents can comfortably become part of the process.”

– Laura A. Jana, MD
Co-founder, the Dr. Spock Company

“This revised edition of a popular book contains simple, no nonsense advice on how to make hospitalizations easier for the whole family, whether a child is going to the hospital for stitches, outpatient surgery, or a longer stay.”

– Our Children, The National PTA Magazine

“When your child is ill or injured, the hospital setting can be overwhelming. Here is a terrific roadmap to help keep families on track.”

– James B. Fahner
MD, Division Chief, DeVos Children’s Hospital, Grand Rapids, MI

“In clear, easy-to-read text, this book provides valuable tips to assist both child and parent in coping with any hospital encounter.  An excellent resource.”

– Oncology Nursing Society

“This is a straightforward, useful book for anyone whose child is facing long-term or short-term hospitalization.”

– Parents’ Press

“Written with sensitivity and common sense born of experience and knowledge, it offers solid, practical advice.”

– Journal of Child-Care Administration

“For a parent, taking a child to the hospital and facing the uncertainties ahead can also be scary. Your Child in the Hospital is designed to make that time in the hospital a little easier for children and their parents.”

– Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“When their children are in the hospital, panicky parents need support––someone with helping hands and a caring heart. Helpful guidelines are offered in Your Child in the Hospital.”

– Nashville Tennessean

“An excellent resource for any parent whose child must be hospitalized. It contains information on preparation for hospital visits, brief procedures and long term illnesses. Stories from parents give first hand advice.”

– L.A. Parent